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Craziness Leads to Lack of Energy

These events will not be repeated, we think.

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Day 3- This is where stuff goes all over the place. Mixture of seeing some wonders, disregarding warnings, suspicious men in costumes, beautiful women, a boat, breakdancing, and more. It was a very interesting mix of things that it was odd how they all fit so well together.So let's attempt to dissect this day.

We woke up fairly early and smashed on some breakfast. We made some friends from Finland and Germany while we were in the internet room looking up directions to our new hostel. With a general idea of where it was, we decided to set out to see some sites. We made our way to the Colloseum, and wow, it was beautiful! I even got to slap it, touch it, hug it. We even tried lifting some of the rocks nearby. You'll see the pictures, they were stunning. When we were about to head back, we realized we were not too far away from some other things we were planning on seeing. We headed to the Venezia and on our way there, we met Olivia (cough cough pat got googly eyes cough cough). She told us about a pub crawl that was happening later that night. We said it sounded interesting we might be there, but we continued on our path to see some history. We passed the Roman forum, a church that had these carvings (video of me talking about it but you can't really see the carvings) of Jesus and him going on the cross and at the end was a small church which was very beautiful. We stopped in and prayed. We apparently missed the Pantheon but we were in the vacinity of it and found a restaurant near the fountain de Trevi that was so good. Best pizza I have ever had. A bunch of other cool things that we saw, it was amazing. I love Roma!

So we treked back to our original hostel to pick up our bags and made the rigorous journey with two overstuffed bags to our new hostel. After gaining about twenty lbs of muscle in each calf we settled in and took a nap in our nice air conditioned hostel. I woke up pretty late and Pat was waiting anxiously for me to get up. We weren't sure what to do that night and the flyer for the pub crawl was sitting in front of us. We eyed it and decided to go. This is where things get a little fuzzy. We met at the Spanish steps which were beautiful and made our way to the first pub. They had 20 minutes left for the happy hour, so yeah. After not being irresponsible and of course pacing ourself we ended up at another pub where we did not take a free shot and we did not win a shirt for the amount that we did not drink. I repeat we did not do any of that. However, I continue. We met some cool people, Alex, Olivia, Hannah, Stefania, Stefan, Jack, Oliver, Jenny. By this point things were getting slightly fuzzy and we ended up on a boat party. The boat party was awesome, it was near the Vatican and it was beautiful. Apparently "sober" me is quite the breakdancer as me Jack, and this other guy we bumped into entertained the crowd for a little bit before I went and taught some people how to salsa, marangue (thank you Michal Hamilton!) and someone retaught me to cha cha (thank you Stefania!). The walk back was annoying and we got locked out of our hostel till 5am and Pat was such a treat on our way back.

Needless to say, yesterday was filled from beginning to end.

Day 4, yeah, we had a headache from some unknown reason. We also felt slightly sick for the same unknown reason. Had trouble eating. But Sunday proves to be a better day. We may be able to make it out to the Vatican amongst other things. My friend, Matt Robinson, who studied abroad in Rome, shared some places to eat and things to see that definitely sounded interesting. So tomorrow sounds like it could be as eventful as Friday. Thank you again Matty!

Pat: Well there is only one way to say this I got a little too intoxicated last night. Yesterday was a very eventful day we went and saw the colloseum and the ruins as well as a beautiful fountain that is just amazing. The Colloseum was one of the main reasons that made me want to come to Europe and it didn't disappoint, it is truly one of the marvels of the world. While we were at the Colloseum when we were getting ready to leave, there was a group of 4 men dressed as Roman soldiers and asked us if we wanted to take a picture so I said yes thinking it was like Disney World, where the characters take pictures with the kids for free. But no, not here they scamed us into paying ten Euro's each for a couple of pictures. We learned our lesson no pictures with people dressed up in a costume. Then after our sight seeing we grabbed our bags from the hostel and walked to the next hostel where we booked the rest of the nights that we will be in Rome. The best gift we received since we have been here was that it is air conditioned which makes for alot better sleep. I had a great time sight seeing and an even better time going to the pubs last night and ending on a boat which was awesome. We met some pretty cool people through the festivities last night. The two I remember most are Olivia which she was from michigan and is staying in Rome for the summer she was very cool and Oliver who lives in England so I got his name so we can meet up with him when we get to London. Very eventfull day yesterday and today was a very needed day of rest since I was hung over and was nice to not spend alot of money since we only had one meal today which was dinner because my stomach was upset all day. Overall a very successful start to our Europe trip!!!

Moe and Pat: Overall, the past two days were a great experience. Yes, even today. We are excited for the rest of this trip and what is in store for us. We have two more days left in Rome, and we have come to learn a valuable lesson, "when in Rome, do as Romans do."

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