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Who Needs A Reservation?

We should've gotten a reservation

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Moe: Day 1, so much to share as we saw so much and explored things many of you have never seen before. We went from the Detroit airport to the airport in Washington DC, to the airport in Madrid, to the airport in Rome. That sums up Day 1. I have a video clip that sums up our boredem in Madrid airport. I played it safe and made the later booking incase we had any delays but we made it with plenty of time to spare for the morning booking. We had the evening booking.

We landed in Rome exhausted and hungry. After all the flights and time changes and missed airline meals (we were knocked out during the breakfast meal), we finally realized that it had been 24 hours since our take off. We landed in Rome and took a bus to the city centre where we were going to find a hostel nearby and eat. Simple plan. Harder execution. We roamed the streets for a while and could not find anyone who understood what a hostel was, just hotels apparently, and then we kept getting redirected so many times, we completed a few circles. Finally, like they do in the movies, when our hope was poured into the last person (I even told Pat that if the last guy failed us we would just pay the extra charge for a hotel and try again the next day), he did not speak English or Spanish and ignored us. SO WE THOUGHT. He then double backed (this story is made for Hollywood already) told us to come with him, grabbed his buddy who understood English and guided us to a hostel.

At the hostel, we were expecting to nab some rooms for the rest of our stay in Rome but that was also not the case. They made these things called reservations that we thought we would be cool without but most of the rooms were booked. We got the last two in this four person room, one being Ian from San Fran about to enter Med School when he gets back into the states, and the other person we never saw. We had the room for one night but this morning I am pleased to announce we have a place to stay for the rest of Rome time. So I will post later after we accomplish other journeys.

Pat: Our journey began in the detroit airport it was a beautiful day and we were ready to get away. We were able to start our journey off will some humor when we were sitting in the airport and i just sat down in a empty seat where nobody was behind me leaving an empty seat next to me for moe to sit where there was nobody behind him but he chose to have a sit in between us and he sat down quickly and smoked the bald man sitting behind him with his head. It was great! The guy that moe hit took it very well. Our three plane rides in 24 hours and sitting in the airports for the whole 24 hours was tough but an experience in itself. We landed in Spain and bought a phone that does not work. It was a frustrating first day.

We arrived in Rome late and it took us a long time to find a Hostel, but once we were able to find one and check in we felt at ease. Once we get this phone figured out all we be good with the world. It is 915am and our adventure begins today! Ciao!

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Leaving Today

They always assume we're up to no good

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After months of waiting, the day has finally arrived! Excitement hasn't hit yet because I would rather be sleeping right now. But of course, the body sensed what today was bringing and woke me up at five. It's currently eight so I figured I might as well start moving.

For those of you unfamiliar with our reasons to go, there are no reasons. It's been something Pat and I have wanted to do since high school and we figured now is probably our best opportunity to go on a trip without sacrificing our careers (apologies sent to Ridge Stone Contractors and Aouichi Corporation), our families (Mama Hackney and Mama Moubarak, please do not cry, or panic, or worry, or over-think, or grow concerned due to lack of communication, or assume the worst has happened). So, with our window of opportunity growing narrower, we decided it was now or potentially never.

How was the planning process? As basic as we could have made it. We picked our duration, picked the most western point, bought our ticket from STA Travel (statravel.com), bought a Eurail Pass (eurail.com) and then we just started picking things. Not the most thorough way to go about it but it's a vacation, not an assignment, kept it simple and relaxing while seeing some cool stuff along the way.

Packing was even more basic than planning. A weeks worth of clothing, some toiletries, a poncho, a watch, some cameras, and some other objects that I cannot think of right now. We're traveling to other civilizations, not the middle of nowhere. If we forgot anything, chances are the other countries have them as well.

So all that is left now is the ride to the airport which will undoubtedly involve a lecture, a thousand warnings that have been repeated since we first went public with this trip, unnecessary tears, and me (I'm assuming for Pat as well) wishing the airport was much closer and a much shorter drive.

To friends and family, we will miss you and we will be thinking of you while we are gone. Thank you for your support and your kind thoughts and prayers over these last few months and these next few months. I apologize if I was not able to see you before today and to my friends who have become teachers recently or are still in school, have a kick ass summer, to those with jobs that do not allow summers off, keep kicking butt at work. I also apologize ahead of time for the certainty that at some point, we will forget how long it has been since we called and I will forget that we ever even started a blog in the first place. We love you.

Moe and Pat

Eph 1:3

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