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Goodbye, Rome

Hello, Napoli

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We have delayed in posting mainly due to traveling and preferring to catch up on some sleep. So here is some insight on our last few days in Rome.

Moe: Day 5- Luckily, we were able to use Saturday as a chance to catch up on some Z's. Sunday morning, we headed out to a Roman Baptist Church. We went too early for the English service and caught the Italian service. After that we decided to really go see the Pantheon. When we arrived we were a little annoyed at the local who told us the Pantheon was just the area and not the building. I say this because on that Friday, when we went to go see the supposedly non-existing Pantheon and asked the local for directions to the non-exisiting Pantheon and he told us the non-existing Pantheon was a non-existing Pantheon and described the area we were in, we had lunch at a place. And at that place we apparently were staring at the back end of the non-existing Pantheon. So we decided to go check out the front and it was brilliant. Thank you again, local, for confusing us, whether for personal joy or accident, it was unappreciated. Some sad news for our trip, we went to go see the Church of Bones right after the Pantheon and they closed as soon as we got there! The lady rushed us out and told us they were making a quick renovation and it would be open tomorrow. =( We will just have to return to Rome again sometime.

The night helped heal our disappointing morning. We took a power nap and Matt, our hostel mate, invited us to check out where he has been eating dinner. It was a very nice restaurant near the Colloseum and Roman forum. We then walked around the city and bumped into a crowd watching the Italy vs England match. It was amazing just even being there for a little bit. Matt hadn't seen the Trevi fountain or the Spanish steps so we walked to both of those. He was a great guy to get to know. We said our goodbyes and departed.

Pat and I walked to a local pub and after our experience on Friday, we figured maybe a one drink rule should be implied. We watched the rest of the game and bumped into some of the people we met on Friday as well as met a bunch of other cool people traveling. We went to a night pool party and had an awesome time. Met some cool Australians some Roman locals and some other folks from the states. It was a good send off for our last night in Rome, so we thought.

Day 6- Hectic. Traveling is hectic. I remember at the airport, Pat and I were thinking how people were always in a rush for traveling. Just show up early and boom, you're good to go. Well we needed to go to the Vatican before we left Rome so what better time to go then right before we left? We walked to the meeting point with all of our bags because our hostel was out of the way. So we checked out. We figured the hostel at the meeting point would allow us to keep our bags there. Not the case. And we got to the meeting point early but apparently that was just a meeting point to buy a spot for the tour not the actual meeting point for the tour. The actual meeting place was a little before noon right outside the Vatican, across town.... And the only metro that would get us there in time was leaving in thirty minutes. So we booked it to the Termini, I went to go check in the bags since the line was a billion people long, maybe only 12. Pat went to go buy the metro tickets. We rushed to the train and barely made it on.

So we made it to the Vatican! So beautiful. And our tour guide, Marc Anthony, was filled with knowledge. 1100 rooms just in the museum. If we were to spend 30 seconds on each piece of art in the museum, it would take us 7.5 years to get through it all. I would continue to share what Marc shared but my mind would potentially explode trying to recollect all the info. The Vatican, wow. But, we finally left Rome later that night and now we're in Napoli! Home of the best pizza in the world! Trying that tonight homies!

Pat: Hello, everyone who is reading this. On Sunday we walked to a church about 20 minute walk from our Hostel which we read online that there would be an English service at 1030 but we sat in the end of the 930 service which was Italian and we started the 1030 service but they were speaking Latin or Italian as well so we left after 2 minutes after we realized that there were no English services. So it was a good start to the day. Then we decided to go see the Pantheon which two days before we couldn't find. We found it it was very cool to see I am glad we went back, but it was sunday and there was a church service so we couldn't go inside. After that we went to the church of bones which we were told by multiple people its a must see. But to our surprise it was closing as we were walking up the steps to go in because they had to clean for showing the next week. So thats pretty much strike three for us and it was only like 2 in the afternoon and we were starving. So we decided to cut our loses and take a nap and go out to the pub again. After our nap we went to dinner with our Hostel roommate matt who was super nice and helpful. After dinner we went took a stroll to the spanish steps again because Matt didn't see them yet and on our way there was a huge crowd of people at like every plaza watching the Italy England European football game it was nuts! So after the Spanish Steps Moe and I went to the pub and Matt went back to the hostel. At the pub there was a pool party which was very cool and interesting. Overall our day went from disappointing to exciting so it was a good day!

Monday- Today was a rough day as well waking up early to get to the Vatican and trying to get our tickets ready to go to Naples. We were rushed all morning to get on the train to the Vatican. Luckily we made it and it was the best thing so far!! It was absolutely amazing and I am so glad we were able to make it. Then after the Vatican we came back and had to wait at the train station for hours before our train left for Naples at 845. We were exhausted and the train wasn't to pleasant. We arrived in Naples at 1145 and looking for a map to get to our Hostel (that was already booked thankfully) We got there and went to bed. Ciao.

Moe and Pat

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